Saturday, 31 March 2012

A Blog About Blogging

Tomorrow starts the A-Z Blogging challenge which I signed up for, so I thought I would get warmed up and write a mini blog about it.
Basically you write one article a day using the corresponding letters of the alphabet. So, tomorrow it will be something starting with A, all the way to Z, with Sundays off from scribbling (apart from tomorrow). Hopefully a great way to practise some writing skills, along with a starting point and a little bit of motivation to go ahead and do it. I often have a big case of writer's block, so knowing me I will be doing my best to squeeze something out, but I hope at least it will give me some writing ideas and practise, along with some more impetus to work on my writing skills. This would be nice. I often have so many ideas about things I would like to write about, but I never get around to formulating them into a concise and organised structure, so this mini challenge will hopefully push me in the right direction. At school children have to write every day. They are still learning, but they as children have such great creative potential, and if directed well they can become great writers. As adults we can now write with much more ease, yet there is so much to learn for most of us. Yes, writing is bound by rules and grammar, but there is so much creativity just waiting to be born. Hopefully this will be a great way for me to work on all of those many different aspects of the writing process, hidden behind my computer screen, yet still exposed to the world of the internet...
I'm ready for my mini challenge, lets see what is written.