Thursday, 10 May 2012

R is for Reading

I'm sure many other people our Reading for R. Well, now I'm another one of them. It's a popular subject for a very good reasons, whats more, very good 'good' reasons. Reading offers such satisfaction on so many levels.
I work with some children who are still learning to read, and they really are eager to learn. They have reached the stage where they realise the value of reading, that by being able to read they will have available to them a whole new world of knowledge and opportunity, and they want access to it. Some of my students follow the words as I read with them, and they 'pretend' to read along, sounding out the words to the best of their ability. It really is sweet to see. I encourage them to read as many of the words as they can, so they understand that yes, they are getting there, and they are progressing. One girl said, while I was talking to her "I still don't know how to read" (which sounds quite blunt, maybe, when written, but when it comes from a seven year old, it really did sound sweet). I hope I get to see her break the reading code, it would make me so very happy!
For me, I would be pretty happy spending a whole day reading. I'm the kind of person who has about three current books I am flicking between. I have my 'relaxing' book, generally my fiction story book, my 'learning' book, which is generally something related to my career path in some way or other, and probably another non-fiction book to hand. I have a book to suit every mood and occasion. They can slip into any part of my day. Also, I'll generally have some magazine floating around (no, not trashy fashion magazines, but quality ones which offer interesting articles which can be read during a lunch, or a quick coffee break). Reading is everywhere.
Reading offers so so much. It offers not only an immeasurable amount of knowledge, it offers a world away from reality. A private just for you escape from all those daily demands which, even though they will still be there when you finish, are forgotten during that precious reading time. During that time, your world is in the book. All that we ingest when we read shapes who we are. Our learning, our practice, molds us, stimulates our interests, our decisions, our thoughts and beliefs. Our reading directs our future choices. It affects our life.
My visits to the library often overwhelm me. The towers of books surrounding me cry out to me, they beckon me to read them. Yet it is near to impossible; our daily lives will not allow it. I would love to take time to create a reading list, but there would be so many entries the list would be a book within itself. My little mental list may have to suffice until I find another viable option.
Reading, something so personal and individual, forms a great part of my life. It reflects and creates who I am, and who I would like to be. I feel it is part of my purpose to foster the spirit and love of reading in as many people as possible.