Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Give a special gift this Christmas

The festive season is here again after one of the quickest years ever. The months flew by before I even got the chance to get to know any of them. And now here we are once again scrambling to prepare for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year before it rushes past us leaving us with the start of yet another year. 

I've always had mixed feelings about Christmas. I love the family gatherings, the festive spirit and the loving and giving of the season. Yet I despise how commercialized and consumer oriented it has become. It overwhelms me to the point that I want nothing to do with it and just want to hibernate until the new year. It has become yet another stress in our lives, which is far from the real 'reason for the season'. 

This year, please give to charity. Any charity. Your choice. Give a little. Give a lot. Give whatever you want. Just don't give to me. I have more than I could ever wish for and I know some other person somewhere is in much more need of some Chrtistmas spirit than me. 

If you see Santa on his sleigh, remind him to make a special drop off at all those amazing charities out there that need some extra support over the festive season! :)