Friday, 25 March 2011

the little things

So small and seemingly insignificant, yet filled with an immense happiness power. That's the little things. They are often brushed aside in a whim, leaving us devoid of these simple pleasures which unwittingly fill us to bust with joy. For me these miniature happiness bursts are so crucial in my little world that I have some kind of burning necessity to seek them all out, express my joy for them, say a little thank you, and insist on their importance in everyone's world.
Your hot shower in the morning. Take that away and your day just may take a turn for the worse. So too may missing your morning coffee. Anarchy may prevail. Our day to day happiness really does rely on such seemingly unimportant details, and our body almost cannot function without it's mini routines and pleasures. We are such creatures of routine that we often do not realise to what extent we subconsciously demand them. I constantly fall victim to the demands of my mini desires, especially recently as my daily routines and surroundings have changed on a number of occasions recently, and right now it seems like everything is being shaken up like a cocktail. Bring on the day when some routines and order are established and I can take pleasure in my own little things, which bring me so much happiness.

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