Tuesday, 16 April 2013

M is for ... Missing Tile

M is for... Missing Tile.

I don't think about tiles all too often. Recently, however, I've been giving them a little more thought.
My hubby showed me this video a while ago, and now and again I find myself thinking about it, and how it applies to me, and to others around me, for that matter.


The video talks about the 'missing tile syndrome'. Basically, we are always going to focus on the tile that is missing in the ceiling, because it is just so obvious. Prager then applies this to our lives, explaining that we are always going to focus on the part of our lives which just isn't perfect, even though really it probably isn't worth all the worry.
It makes sense. We really should take note of all of the other parts which are perfectly in place, and be grateful for them all.
Is it really that simple? What about if the tiles were all different sizes, and the one that was missing was the giant one right in the middle? The most important one!! How do we not focus on that tile?
What if we had missing tiles scattered all over the ceiling? What if we have more holes than tiles? How do we notice the tiles instead of the holes? Can we still be grateful for the tiles we do have, when there are so many empty spaces? Well, of course, we should be, but sometimes if the holes in the ceiling are so big, it is sometimes difficult to feel gratitude for just those few tiles left.
Sometimes it is easy to use a simple metaphor such as tiles on a ceiling to represent something as complex as life, but then again, what is as complex as life?
Prager has a selection of videos on several different topics, which are worth a watch, even if you don't think so right now.

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  1. Lovely! I have a few missing tiles, but that's more than what I need. :)

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