Thursday, 25 April 2013

U is for ... Understanding

U is for ... Understanding.

Oh, children. Such curious little things. Always asking questions. Always wanting to know who, what, where, how, or why. Always wondering. Everything is so new! Everything is a new story waiting to be uncovered. Everything is amazing.
As we grow older, we grow more accustomed to the world around us, to the mysteries, the questions, the easy bits, the complicated bits, and the interesting bits.
Yet some bits become boring. Some bits become boring because they don't appeal to us, or we find them too hard, too gruesome, too complex, or riddled with problems. We start to ignore them as we realise that really they're not that amazing to us anymore, or that they're not worth the investigation, or that they don't really affect us so much. We become content with what we know, what we want to focus on, and we lose our sense curiosity in all the other bits. Our sense of discovery fades.
But understanding is such a crucial part to our lives.
The more we understand, the more open we are to taking that extra step to discover something new.
The more we understand, the more problems we can resolve.
The more we understand, the more compassion and empathy we have for others.
The more we understand, the more connected we feel.
The more we understand, the more we want to understand.
Understanding takes effort. We have to try to understand. We have to think, research, listen, study, read, and put the pieces together. Maybe we also need a helping hand or a boost of inspiration to get us going; curiosity isn't always enough.
Understanding allows us to see the big picture, and comprehend the small details. Understanding gives us the tools and the knowledge to try to fix problems and to create solutions.
Before we can jump into anything, we need to understand. Understanding is the foundation on which everything else will grow. 
If we understand first, we can resolve after.
We need to keep our minds open and curious if we want to fix all those problems and create all those solutions.

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