Sunday, 12 May 2013

Z is for ..... Zzzzz.

Z is for Zzzzz....

Zzzz... Sleep. I admit, I'm very late, but I had just one letter to go, and I just never got the time to sit and write it.
So, sleep. I'm pretty sure I'm a morning person (I chose the picture on the right purely because it made me laugh). My brain is awake and alert and ready to go in the morning, and if something slows me down when I'm eager to complete something, it annoys me. I admit it is difficult to throw myself out of bed in the early hours, but once I'm up I'm raring to go. I want to get things done. I do enjoy evenings, but I enjoy evenings relaxing, not working. So, with that in mind, my mission is to become an 'early riser' with the birds. Right now I'm getting up at around 6am, but I'm talking about earlier. I want to get up and do things before going to work.
First, I'm going to start getting up and getting work done - to get used to rising early. When I get comfortable with this, I want to start getting up and going to the gym... I've always admired those who can do this... peel themselves out of their beds to sweat it out in the gym. Then, it's done. No trying to muster up a second wind in order to survive the after work gym session. Plus, the afternoons are the most crowded times. The morning gym session sets you off on the right foot for the day.
I've had previous jobs where I would have to be at work too early to do this. But, now I don't have to be there until 8am, so I have plenty of morning time to spend working out or getting other stuff done before work.
I've been for many morning jogs, and getting up (especially if it's chilly outside) can be a real effort, but I know that once I'm out running, watching the sun rise, the birds sing, and the day just beginning, I'm going to love it. I'm going to accomplish many things in my day, and put me in a good mood. For me, it's worth it.
So, if I'm going to be getting up early, I need to be going to bed early. Most of the time I'm pretty good about that, but there is the odd occasion when I'll be engrossed in a book, or busy doing something that time goes by and suddenly it's getting late. Well, hopefully I'll iron out these little fluctuations as I become an 'early riser' :)

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