Thursday, 8 August 2013

Jamaican Adventures

We married two years ago, almost to the day. On a scorching August morning, we set out, tied the knot, had coffee and cake, and then went to watch a pretty violent movie. That simple. No white dress, no flowers, no fancy frills, no planning, no headache. Even though I never imagined my own wedding, I would have never thought it would be like that. I never knew how it would be. Even so, it was just right. I tried my hardest not to giggle as I said 'I do' while inside I was belly-laughing. 

Fast forward two years, and we finally get around to organizing some kind of celebration. Initially, we thought about an actual wedding-style celebration, but after two years, we thought it may be a tad bit late for that, and just decided on a family celebration-vacation to Jamaica, all friends and family invited.
One week of clear blue sea, fine sand, lashings of sun, a few too many chi-chi drinks, and far too much ice-cream. Not forgetting a delightful group of friends and family to share it all with. Oh, and Bob Marley.
So, what do you do in Jamaica apart from soak up the sun and drink rum? Well, we definitely did our fair share of fun stuff! I snorkeled for the first time, which was amazing, apart from the occasional gulp of saltwater as I practised using the snorkel. It was super interesting to see what lives in the oceans. There was plenty of coral and lots of little fish to stare at, which, when you see it with your own eyes, it reminds you of the vastness and diversity of our planet. I would love to go again, as long as I work out how to not get a mouthful of saltwater.
We went to a bird sanctuary, and fed tiny little hummingbirds sugar water. We called for 'Dr Birdieeeee' and eventually they would flutter across, sit on our finger, and sip on the sugar water. For some reason, they seemed to come to me a few more times than the guys. I think it was because I accidentally spilled the sugar water on my legs and they were attracted to the smell. Who knows. The hill up to the sanctuary was rugged and steep, and in the taxi-van, the driver went up - and back down - very slowly in first gear. I wasn't too fond of that bit, but the guys (being guys) seemed pretty amused.
We went horseback riding in the forest and in the ocean. I hadn't ridden a horse in years, and even though we mainly walked (with a few trots in there), it took a little getting used to being back on a horse. Even so, I really enjoyed our walk. First we went though the forest, and at the end we went in the ocean with the horses. The horses were up to their necks in the water, and they actually walked pretty fast through the water. Apparently the horses like it a lot. We enjoyed it, too! On our way home we got to drink fresh coconut water straight from the coconut. Not bad!
I went sailing for the first time, too. This was lots of fun! It felt super windy on the ocean, and the waves bounced us up and down and splashed us as we sailed across the water. I think the reason I liked this so much is because it felt so 'open'. It was just us on our little sailboat, with the wind blowing through me, the sun beating down on me, and ocean all around. We didn't stray that far from the land, but enough to be on our own on the ocean.
I had been kayaking before, but I went here too. Just like sailing, I liked it for the sense of freedom it offered. One direction was super easy, as the wind would blow us along, and the other direction was a mini battle against the wind. We managed, of course, and it was a good little test of strength for the arms. Fun times!
I spent several early evenings in the jacuzzi, floating in the warm, bubbly water, sipping on a chi-chi. I have to admit, I really, really do love the jacuzzi. It is just bliss. Even when it's warm out, hot even, I think I would still sink in it for a while.
Of course, I didn't cut back on the ice-cream. The coconut ice-cream was divine, just like the other ice-creams, and the cheese cake, and the rest of the delicious deserts.
A whole week to spend with friends and family. We all spent a fantastic week together in the sun, chatting, sunbathing, swimming, sipping drinks, and stuffing our bellies with ice cream (well, I was, I don't know about anyone else...). I loved our adventures in the ocean, on the ocean, in the mountains, and even coastal breeze as it tangled up my hair. I was even getting quite used to the clammy humidity which made you want to jump straight into the pool.... or the ocean....or the jacuzzi. We all had a fabulous week together. Now, how's that for a wedding celebration!
Happy 2nd anniversary hubby!

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