Sunday, 4 August 2013

In memory of Daniel, and each and every other innocent victim.

Daniel Pelka's name will forever resonate in me, along with his bright smile, his little blue eyes, his cute little cheeks and his story. My heart tore apart as I read the horrendously brutal story of little Daniel Pelka. A bright and bubbly 4 year old who was tortured by those who should have cared for him, died last year from his mother and step-father's unfathomably horrific actions.
The mother and the step-father were just given life sentences with a minimum of 30 years in prison before being eligible for parole. Parole? Really? They took a little innocent boy's life, and they could possibly be eligible for parole in 30 years? How can the courts justify this? How could they have the possibility of walking free in 30 years after having supposedly 'paid their dues' for their crimes? How is a little innocent boy's life only worth 30 years in prison? And how is it 'life in prison' essentially may only be 30 years? 
I cannot even begin to describe what they did to the little boy, but the news has all the details. After reading the story - just like everyone - I find it incomprehensible that he was failed by so many people. How can such an obvious case of cruelty 'slip through the net'? How can his tortured little body be overlooked? How did so many people believe the lies of his guardians?
Baby P, Alfie Goddard, Amy Howson, Khyra Ishaq, Victoria Climbe, and countless others died at the hands of those who should have protected them. Why do cases such as these reoccur again and again? How does Social Services fail so many times? What makes it so hard to realize that these are strikingly obvious cases of child abuse? Why are children like these still being failed by everyone? Why is it always the most innocent and vulnerable who are the subject of brutality?
These questions may never be answered, and will likely be discussed again and again as more cases like these appear in the news. And I dread they day it does.
My thoughts lies with the poor little victims as I hope and pray that in the future we all take on our roles of protectors and carers of those who are innocent and vulnerable.

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