Thursday, 5 April 2012

E is for Exams

E just has to be for Exams.


Tomorrow I have my exam for my teacher certification in bilingual EC-6 education. Actually, the first of a few exams. The speaking and listening exam is in a few weeks and the others will probably be a while away. At least that's what I think.
And yes, I'm writing a blog instead of doing some last minute cramming.
The exam is 5 hours, multiple choice, and I think 185 questions. Sounds easy. Well, we will see. The thing is, the questions are worded in a way that if you don't read each and every miniscule detail, then you will probably get the wrong answer. Plus, the questions can be quite specific, and the content is quite broad, so you really do need to know your stuff. Suffice to say, I'm nervous. That being said, I'm nervous about nearly everything.
I do, however, think (I'll say that again. I think...) I have studied enough. I hope. We will see how my brain survives tomorrow. Eeek lots.
The poor students at school get tested about a gazillion times a week. If they can cope, then maybe I can too??
So, I'm keeping this one short, so I can get back to studying. I can think of lots of other more interesting topics than 'Exams' but this is relevant to me right now, so this is what came out.

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