Wednesday, 11 April 2012

J is for - Just my day

J is for Just my day.

I'm a little stuck, so I decided just to write about some of the little events in my day. (Just so you understand, I work with different students in an elementary school).
The morning started with a not so bad drive to work. I'm still learning, but very slowly but surely mastering the motorways (or highways, if you please). Finally! First lesson was maths, and I saw students either wizz their multiplication tables, or flunk them. The only way I was able to learn them was through songs. Otherwise, I would still be counting on my fingers.
Then came time for a little story. She can't read yet, but she follows the words with her finger, and imitates the sounds, reading the words she knows. It was a sweet little moment.
Then came the test. Yes, it was much too hard for them. Yes, they have to do it. Yes, to me it is a little pointless. Yes, I feel sorry for them.
Lunch was pretty sweet. I had lunch outside with two students eager to eat with the teacher. It was calm, warm, and falling from the sky there was those little white fluffy things from trees (or flowers, I'm not sure) and it looked like it was snowing. Salad again for me. I am the salad queen these days. Then I don't feel so bad for my little treat later in the day which I so enjoy.
My afternoon, well not much exciting. Not even worth typing about. The evening is full of reading and organising, while listening to my hubby play the same tune over and over and over on his guitar. I'm one of those people who reads several books at the same time, so that I have something for all my moods. I started a book yesterday called 'Yardsticks' which is non-fiction, and it describes the traits of children at different ages. I read yesterday that 5 year olds sometimes fall out of their chair sideways, and 6 year olds sometimes fall out backwards. This cracked me up!
Well, that's it... back to my evening.. all to myself.


  1. Your day sounds most interesting! I remember the days of multiplication tables and too-hard tests.

    Good luck with the challenge!

    Dianna Fielding

  2. Thanks for your day could have been worse, but I know it could have been better... we are never satisfied:D