Saturday, 14 April 2012

M is for - Maggie

M is for Maggie.

Maggie is our cat. I thought I would write about how she really is a bizarre little feline, even though she really is quite weird. We love her!
I don't know how old she is. Pretty old though. She is a grey, fat, old cat. But we love her!
She is known for just 'hanging out. She will sometimes have her moments when she darts from room to room, on the sofa, and poke around investigating, but she more than often just wanders around, lies around, and hangs out. She will sit and stare at you, her eyes glaring, staring you down. She often just stares at the wall. Yes, the blank wall. I often wonder what she would say if she could speak. It would probably be 'What on earth are you humans doing?" or 'Feed me" or "Pet me"
She loves loves loves her food. Yet she can be quite fussy. Any changes, or anything she's not so fond of she will shun. But what she does like, she gobbles up without much delay. As I said, she is rather chunky. She does this 'low walk' when she is scared (mostly when there is a storm, but sometimes at random moments), creeping slowly along the floor, to her usual spots.
And like most pets, she loves attention. Pet her, scratch her chin, her neck, her head. She will be content, asking for more. She purrs away like the little cutie she is.
Morning purrs are common, too. When my alarm sounds in the early morning, she often comes to me in bed, and stares. Until I get up. The weekends, she will come and sit on my pillow, purr away, pat my head with her paws, and often chew my hair. "It is time to get up", she says. She wants her breakfast, then she will take her mid morning nap like a little baby, her breakfast filling her belly.
She doesn't just chew my hair. She chews plastic. Anything like plastic bags, or wrappers. She is also known for chewing tennis shoes. We have to de-Maggie-hazard the apartment. If not, she will find it, and chew it. She plays with that paper tissue for gifts, (which we give to her; this one does no damage), she rolls around on books, or piles of paper, and will sometimes even tear up paper. But still, we love her!
She will sit almost human-like, with her back legs sticking out, licking herself. But, she is particular about her stomach, don't touch her stomach, she will not be happy. She scratches above her eyes far too much and we are in fact a little worried about this, but we have tried so many things, and nothing seems to change, so this is our little issue for the moment.
So many things to say about our little Maggie! She doesn't bite, she will just lick you. and miaw for food. And maybe chew your hair. She even comes to the door every time to greet us when we come home. We love our little Maggie.


  1. Hello, Stephanie! I grew up with dogs and guinea pigs for pets, but I also like cats. :) Maggie sounds adorable!

    Have a great week and happy A to Z!!

  2. When I'm old, fat and gray, I hope people will love me as much as you love your Maggie.