Saturday, 7 April 2012

G is for Gifts

G is for Gifts...

I decided to write about gifts because last night a friend of mine gave me a little plant, just because she wanted to. I'm not sure of the plant's name, but it looks a little like ivy. She has the same plant, and all she did was cut some off this one, planted it, and it now I have a mini version, growing and rooting. Such a simple, yet lovely gesture. Plus, we received wine glasses and tumblers as an unexpected birthday gift. What makes these gifts a little bit more special is that they weren't expected. In my opinion, spontaneous gifts are the most precious, truly are a sign of friendship. Of course, exchanging gifts during celebrations such as Christmas are given with love and affection, well thought out, and wrapped with care. But that is our tradition. That is what we know. We are grateful that we are loved, we appreciate such thought and attention, but those simple yet powerful gifts we are given spontaneously have that extra spoonful of consideration which comes from someone thinking about you when they really do not have to. I can think of several times when I have received such gifts, and I am very grateful to have such special friends.

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