Thursday, 19 April 2012

O is for ok, I'm behind.

O is for ok, I'm behind.

It's called life. Busy being a bee. Days pass by so quickly I can't jam enough into them! But, I love it. I wouldn't have it any other way. When I was waiting for my visa, I had so much free time on my hands, and even though I did my best to fill up, I was still in surplus. It really and truly stressed be out, because I kept imagining all of the things I could be doing, learning, people I could be meeting, life I could be experiencing. Even though I filled up my days, I still felt like a whole bunch of life was missing. In a way, I still feel this way. There is so so much I want to do, to learn, and all those other action verbs, and even though I know it is near impossible to do everything, I still want to do as much as I can. This is one thing which stresses me about my little job right now. I feel at times I could be so much more useful, somewhere, doing something. I like to be involved, integrated, interwoven with all the happenings, and playing a valued role. I like to think I am moving in that direction, but sometimes progress can seem slow. However, I do value quality over quantity, and I would prefer to do something small but 'wonderously super duper amazing' than many flimsy, good for not much tasks. I think striving for perfection in what we do is crucial, otherwise we will end up with a huge pile of junk.
I think my brain is starting to ramble, so maybe this a great place to say goodbye.
Take care:)

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  1. I think its great that you are continuing to post even though you are behind on the a-z days.