Saturday, 21 April 2012

P is for Photos

P is for Photos.

I wouldn't really say photography was a hobby of mine, merely an interest in which I like to dabble when I have some spare time, and some unedited pictures available. My little camera serves for some acceptable photos; it's not one of those impressive black sophisticated looking devices, just one of those simple silver ones, (you can tell how much I am out of the techno loop by my camera descriptions!) but it's pretty good for what it is. As for editing, again, I'm no expert, I just like to play around and see what I can produce. I'm not the type of person to the 'read the manual', or 'read the instructions' or sometimes even 'watch the tutorial'. I learn by doing, and even though sometimes I know I really should just read it so I know what I'm dabbling with, it is often a chore. Well, anyway, I play around and see what I can produce.
I put some of them on Flikr, and here is a link to my little site if it is of interest to you:


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  1. That sounds like the perfect way to enjoy taking photos and make a few beautiful memories! Will check out your link.
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